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Its been a while that posted an article here. I have been extremely busy with my new startup QLab Technologies. I have been receiving a number of queries, and some amazing feedback from a number of students about articles on Mathematical Shortcuts. Its really touching to know, it is helping a number of students who are not very good with Maths and are preparing for competitive examinations. Thanks a lot for all your feedback.

Publishing book on Mathematical Shortcuts

I am planning to publish my work on Mathematics Shortcuts which will help the students preparing for various competitive examinations. My idea is to prepare a small booklet carrying around 100-120 pages. This book would be unlike any book available in the same category. Each of the technique would be very unique in terms of presentation and explanation. I donot want to create like a normal book in same category but rather directly to the point.

How can you help ?

If you know any publisher who is willing to consider my proposal to publish my book on Mathematical Shortcut, please contact me or write to me at

Kiran Chandrashekhar

Hey, Thanks for dropping by. My name is Kiran Chandrashekhar. I am a full-time software freelancer. I love Maths and Mathematical Shortcuts. Numbers fascinate me. I will be posting articles on Mathematical Shortcuts, Software Tips, Programming Tips in this website. I love teaching students preparing for various competitive examinations. Read my complete story.

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